It was in June 2001 when a new missile designated PJ-10 was first test fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR), it was un-announced and development was kept a secret but India had gate crashed into Cruise missile club, that missile  later went on to be called “BrahMos “

BrahMos-1: Since its first firing, new Indo-Russian developed Supersonic cruise missile with range of 290 km was first dubbed as “Carrier Killer “since it was primarily an anti-ship missile, later variants like MK3 were developed  keeping in mind requirements of Indian army , BrahMos-1 is already serving in Indian army and Indian navy .

BrahMos-1 ALCM :  Airforce specific air launched BrahMos has been in development for some time now and DRDO is working with Sukhoi Bureau  the makers of Sukhoi 30 for its integration ,  it is confirmed that around 20 New Sukhoi Su 30 MKI which will procured from Russia will have major structural modifications which will enable it to fire BrahMos , DRDO  also revealed that they are working on a smaller and lighter variant of BrahMos which can be carried by other aircrafts without going through such modification but till now no test of such missiles have been carried out yet .

BrahMos-1 SLCM : India on 20 March 2013 successfully test fired anti-ship variant for the first time from a submerged pontoon near Visakhapattanam at the coast of Bay of Bengal  , once India’s Nuclear submarine INS Arihant completes its sea trails and enters Weapons testing phase submarine variant of BrahMos -1 will be tested .

BrahMos-II: India and Russia once again have commenced development of second BrahMos series of cruise missiles. BrahMos-II is expected to have a range of 290 kilometres (180 mi) and a speed of Mach 7, DRDO has showcased a scaled down model of BrahMos-II at Aero India 2013, Missile has a different Design which makes it completely a new missile.  New scramjet air breathing jet engine for BrahMos-II has been tested by DRDO for short duration and first test firing of the missile will take place in 2017 according to Sivathanu Pillai, chief executive officer of the Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace .

Nirbhay: India’s first Subsonic cruise missile which was test fired in March this year had partial success and DRDO is gearing up to have another test flight by year end, Nirbhay (Fearless) is nuclear-armed subsonic cruise missile with reported range of 1000km, first requirement of subsonic cruise missile was put forward by Indian army few years back, which wanted a low cost terrain hugging missile to carry out deep strikes, after MOD approval DRDO started working on Nirbhay project. Nirbhay like BrahMos will be operated by all three Service of Indian Military.

Nirbhay ALCM:  Airforce specific variant of Nirbhay will come minus the solid-rocket booster and will be integrated with 20 Modified Sukhoi Su 30 MKI, first launch flight of ALCM variant is likely by 2015 and DRDO will also be working on a shorter and lighter ALCM variant with lesser range to be carried by other fighter aircrafts of Indian air force.

Nirbhay SLCM : Submarine launched variant of Nirbhay will be ready at around 2015 and first launch might take place from submerged pontoon and later will see integration with Arihant class submarines .

LRCM:  DRDO is supposedly working on a new missile designated Long-Range Cruise Missile (LRCM), according to few details which were made public missile will have range of 600 km and will be powered by ramjet engines, DRDO slides shows design which has Air Intakes, unlike BrahMos, missile resembles French developed ASMP-A which is powered by a ramjet engine and has speeds up to Mach 3. DRDO has not confirmed or denied existence of such project in public domain but has been tight lipped about its development.  It is a clear indication that missile will borrow highly from the technology developed for BrahMos since BrahMos lacks in range due to Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) restrictions , India plans to overcome range restriction  by development of LRCM.  Since not much detail is available in public domain some experts are suggesting that project might have been scrapped or DRDO wants to maintain some secrecy around the project.

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